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Erin Asmussen 

Pierre South Dakota, USA

Erin Asmussen spent her entire life making art. Erin sculpts and paints every day and is always looking for a new place to grow and use her creative gifts. She received a BA in Industrial Design Technology from the Art Institute of Colorado.  The next several years were spent making mannequins, carving giant play land  and building theater sets. Her client list includes companies such as Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch, REI, McDonalds, Six Flags, Chuckie Cheese and many more. In her works there are images filled with surreal creatures, landscapes, and objects from the imagination. Erin hopes to inspire not only other artists to explore their own creative journey, but to also inspire all beings to find something that they love and ride the wave throughout their existence.

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