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  • Does U Magazine charge artists to be featured?
    Absolutely not! Never. We are here to uplift artists not turn them into mere “products.”
  • Does U Magazine take any commissions on art sales?
  • So how does U Magazine make money?
    Ko-Fi, Sponsors & Advertisers
  • Are Caucasians  barred from joining U Magazine's pages?
    No, we have 60% of our pages dedicated to people of color or other marginalized groups, while 40% can be artists of any background.
  • What is the goal of U Magazine?
    To put a spotlight on underrepresented artists and groups. To give everyone a voice in the art world!
  • Is U magazine Digital or Print?
  • I am an artist chosen by U Magazine, what do I need to send over?"
    Artist’s photo, biography , artist statement, seven high resolution images and the link you’d like to promote.
  • I want to support U Magazine!
    Head over to Ko-fi:
  • I am part of a business that wants to become a sponsor. How can we become partners?
    Please head over to our Contact Us page.
  • I still have another question
    Contact Us!
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