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Andrew Da Silva

Motreal Quebec, Canada

Andrew Da Silva (aka “ Andy Dass”) is inspired by the iconic animation of Warner Brothers and Walt Disney. Andy gravitated towards cartoons at an early age, which spurred his interest in art. What was once just Saturday morning entertainment became an obsession as Andy would spend hours drawing his own creations. Growing older meant new influences and experimentation:  graffiti culture, comic books, lowbrow art, and pop art  became new found inspirations. His  feel-good paintings were shaped and molded by these influences.  Andy’s strong urge to create his own characters and worlds eventually lead him to create his popular “Monster-toon” and planetary paintings. Being an ‘80s & ‘90s baby at heart, these paintings reflect the color palettes and nostalgia of those eras. Andy’s paintings create upbeat vibes and playfulness, they also have a touch of  mischief.   Born and raised in Montreal, Andy continues to paint his trippy, monstrous creations that are adored by collectors worldwide. 

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