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We are a *For-Profit* magazine with a noble aim:


Shine a light on underrepresented artists by giving free art space both thru print editions and a vibrant digital platform. 


We make money by selling advertisements, direct magazine sales and crowdfunding. 


Regarding payments thru our digital partner Kofi:  


We utilize funds for marketing / printing of the magazine and staff. Although these sponsored funds are not tax deductible, they do go toward creating a publication that reserves 60% of its content for artists of color and other marginalized groups. It's still a worthwhile cause folks. The aim of this magazine is to bring together voices that perhaps the society hasn't heard from. 


Why did we not choose a *For-Profit* model vs a *Non-Profit* ?


(Mini Disclaimer in the Disclaimer: All love and respect to *Non-Profit* Orgs. We love you and need you! )


Now - There are many reasons why we went with *For-Profit *:


1. Less Accounting 


2. Creative freedom from a Board of Directors.


3. Very arcane legal and accounting rules. 


4. Potentially constrictive creative content


5. The process of applying for a *Not-Profit* status is onerous and expensive.


6. Constant application for grants / loans / stipends etc. 


7. Better potential income for staff and propagation of future editions of the publication. 


8. This is by no means an exhaustive list.


I hope this disclaimer helps to clarify what our magazine *IS* and *IS NOT*


Thank you!!


Christian Usera 


U Magazine LLC

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